Why ?

For a quick look, watch from about 9:02 to 12:02.

In the 'ed biz' there are additional challenges students face. Involving them in curation become a way to learn to address these challenges and make better decisions.
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How NOT ?

  • Curation is NOT a race to amass the most links on a topic or to push that content out the fastest to the biggest audience.

How ?

  • Content curation is a blend of filtering + archiving. It ensures that older information will remain accessible while new is being added selectively.
  • Curators are also creators -- i.e.each collection reflects the connections in the curator's mind and so tells a story.
  • In social curation, people are the "nodes" in the network. By sharing their vision of what's useful, they collaboratively bring manageability & coherence to a chaotic medium.

In the blog post below, an educator explains why she feels 'connectivism' (learning = a "process of connecting" within networks of "nodes") and 'curation' are linked.
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