This mind map captures my thoughts about what K-12 and higher education folk can share with and learn from each other about blended learning. Higher education has much more experience with extremely large classes, e-learning, and evidence-based models for pedagogical change. K-12 has developed effective practices for differentiation, co-operative learning, and active approaches. Both are tackling the question of how to use new technologies and media to engage learners and deepen their learning.

Colour key:
  • black = common themes
  • pink = common issues, solutions, or techniques
  • gold = K-12
  • blue = higher ed.

Use the slider at the top of the mind map or the scrolling wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out. To get a better view of a particular section of the mind map, click the mouse pointer on a better spot and then clicking, holding, and dragging to sweep that area into view. For a full screen view, click the arrow icon in the bottom right corner. If the mind map does not display properly, it can be viewed at this link --